Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September meeting

We had a small group due to an incredibly beautiful fall Sunday. But it was still productive. Our action items were:

1. Research pea patches - how they work, what they charge, how to get one started, etc.

2. Spring sustainable living tour - which may be modified to be a backyard chicken coop tour.

3. Organizing booths for the Burien Strawberry Festival - we were excited about piggy backing onto an already popular event. We discussed setting up booths for our individual pods to promote our interests in sustainable living.

4. Burien Gleaning - we are still working on raising volunteers to start our own Burien group.

5. Full Circle CSA - we are going to speak to this particular CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) to see if they would possibly set up another pick up location in Burien for residents nearer to Normandy Park, South Burien area.

6. Food swap barter - an interest was expressed in discussing a food swap barter. For instance, if you grew too much kale and would want to swap with someone who grew too much garlic.

In the general group we did have a member who is now Wildlife Habitat certified. We were all encouraged to look into certification for our own properties. There was also discussion of a 5 minute talk to Burien City Council representing our group. We were all encouraged to invite local businesses to our next meeting and to bring a friend.

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